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For the 1st time you launch the program, the interface will guide you to burn DVD in 3 different modes:. According to above, we notice that Wondershare offers a fast way for DVD burning, also allows users to save last project if they quite during the process to burn DVD. With the ToolBox, users can switch between 3 main features that Wondershare accommodates.

Also, for the reason that Wondershare either burn videos to DVD or Data Disc, the input formats for different output will vary. Users can check following table to understand the details and difference:. Also, as we tested, the importing of a video to the program processes fast, but the uploading time still depends on the size of imported videos.

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The video editor includes a basic set of tools as following:. Another convenience Wondershare brings to its users is the real-time preview under the editing mode, users can understand the expected effects by comparing the original and output videos. In addition, users are allowed to make changes on these templates, but only to some extend. For example, users can add cover image, add background music, add texts, even modify the text in the original template.

DVD Creator Guide - Get Started

For users who are using Wondershare DVD Creator free trial, as we mentioned above, only 3 menu templates are available, the others require a paid license. Even , on its official website, there are extra menu templates offered free, once you have been a subscribed user of this program, you will be directed within the program to download more templates and install for your use. For sure, Wondershare DVD Creator offers a bunch of feature to satisfy the users, but when talking about the crucial reason to persuade users into a purchase, the burning performance is absolutely the key.

And here we will talk about the burning performance in 2 aspects, the speed and quality. Also, there was a crash when I cancelled the burning due to no response from the status bar for a long time. Anyway, the burning speed is acceptable. And according to our tests, the burning quality is substantially up to the original video quality. Also the effects you added to the video will influence the final output a little.

Also, users can edit the photos for burning, such as setting a transition, adding text or background music. This feature is particularly convenient for users who want to show and share their family photos on special events. If you are a Windows user, it is OK to follow this tutorial, because there is little difference from that on Mac. Of course, there are possibilities that Wondershare DVD Creator fails or won't work in your case, just like me, I ran into a crash just now. Then what to do? The good news is that you can eve edit the photo slideshows based on your requirements, and in addition to that, you can actually add music to your photo slideshows, so the convenience is there.

Another great feature that I find very convenient is that you can make DVD menus using the software as well. Now this is a tricky feature, but the good news here is that if you proper to have a cohesive element in the DVDs, then you can go ahead and make DVD menus as well.

Wondershare DVD Creator Review – Pros, Cons and Detailed Tutorial

You can make the menus just the way you want, and the best part here is that you can even go ahead and make official looking DVD menus with the software, and it only takes a couple of minutes for that to happen. So, with that out of the way, we should start looking at the tutorial that will help our readers have a better understanding of how to use this software, and create the DVDs.

Step 1: Step 2: Once the software is downloaded, you can go ahead and install it. The process is rather simple, but for your convenience, we have attached the screenshot below. Step 3: It should not take you more than a few minutes to complete the process, so you can simply follow all the steps.

Step 4: Step 5: Once you click next after accepting the agreement, you will be tasked with selecting the folder where you want to install the software into. We will teach you how you can easily and effectively create the DVD for you, and that would be so much easier for you. The first step is to launch the software, and when you do, you will be greeted with a screen that you can see in the screen shot below. From the picture below, you have to choose the files, as well as the DVD type. Once done, you can move to the Menu, make the changes there, and then you can head over to the Preview section to ensure that all the changes that you have made are accordingly.

Lastly, you have to go to the burn section where you will burn the DVD. The process does not take long, and depends solely on the amount of files you have stored on your DVD, so that is one thing to make note of. If you want to create a Blu-ray disc instead of a DVD disc, the process is the same. Once that is done, you have to click on Menu where you can go and create a menu for your videos; once the menu is created, the next step is where you will have the chance to see the preview of the disc that you just created. Once that is done, you can simply proceed to the burning step, and burn the files.

The process is that easy and simple. Rather than going through all the difficult steps, if you just want to create a simple DVD, the process for that is available as well, and is rather simple. Features to trim, crop, watermark video, and other editing functions are also there to personalize videos before burning. Additional features include DVD previewing, adding an audio track, background image, and adding subtitles.


The intuitive and simple interface of the program allows creating professional-looking DVDs with simple steps. From the window that appears like below, select Create a New Project option. Multiple files can be added here.

What is Wondershare DVD Creator?

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file to the interface. Click the pencil-like icon on the video thumbnail to open Video Editor window and personalize it.

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It supported video crop, trim, add effects or subtitles, and edit watermarks. To view and choose from available DVD menu templates, click the Menu tab. A list of dynamic and static templates will appear on the right column of the interface. To customize the templates by creating chapters, setting aspect ratio, adding background music or images and other features, click the related icons at the top of the interface.

Move to the Preview tab to check the created disc. Any changes if needed can be done. Next, click the Burn tab and insert a blank disc into your Mac. Select Burn to Disc option, and give a disc label, select burner, TV standard and other settings from the interface, click Burn button to burn your videos to DVD.

Update: Wondershare DVD Creator Review

The free trial version of the software is also available. Go to Mac Go to Windows. Store About Support Center. Learn More. All Topics.

Wondershare DVD Creator Review – A One-Click DVD Burning Tool to Create Beautiful Movies

Edit videos before video to DVD conversion. Make photo slideshows to DVD with music. Free Download Free Download. Download Now Download Now. Part 1. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate for Mac. Simply Burns. DVD Styler.