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And this is how it scored:.

Now, using our criteria to assess the abilities of this SQL client, we have:. But the Mac OS has become a dominant feature used by many database administrators, developers and data analysts while PostgreSQL and its band of apps is also quite popular with the same crowd. Therefore, not listing Postico for Mac users will be a travesty!

That being said, Postico is truly a top-notch SQL client that brings a lot to the table. The Workbench is more than just an SQL editing tool due to the fact that it offers much more. And much more in this case refers to the data modelling, and migration features it offers. The editor can be used with most JDPC compliant databases across multiple operating systems as this review will show.

There are a multitude of free SQL editors or clients that can be used to handle SQL editing tasks but these five have been chosen due to their robust features. It is also worth noting that these options are backed up by vibrant online communities which would help you handle or troubleshoot most of the problems you will run into. I have tried just about everything for MAC and Linux and never found anything worthwhile.

That included dbvisualizer, squirrel particularly bad, even though the windows haters in my office swear by it , the oracle SQL developer and a bunch of others. However, now March I believe there are two serious contenders and worthwhile versions for the MAC and Linux which have a low cost associated with them. Aqua data studio is good, but a resource hog and basically pretty sluggish and has non essential features such as the ER diagram tool, which is pretty bad at that.

Believe me, after several years of waiting to find a cheap non windows substitute for DBartizan, I have finally found one and I have been very picky. These components are free, for Mac, Windows, and more. This solution isn't free.

Database Specific Support

Since it's Java, it should do the trick. I vote for RazorSQL also. It's very powerful in many respects and practically supports most databases out there. DbVisualizer supports many different databases. There is a free edition that I have used previously.

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Download from here. The UI could use a little updating, but all of the tools and options they provide make the cost justifiable for me. It wasn't a Universal Binary, and I found it to be somewhat buggy I recall that the application will just quit after a failed connection instead of allowing you to alter the connection info and try again. It works wonders. I've used DB Solo and I like it a lot. For example, Gorilla SQL claims to be able to do that, even though the project seems abandoned.

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RazorSQL - SQL Query Tool and SQL Editor for Mac, Windows, and Linux

There's a Windows and Mac version. Give SQL Client a try. There is a free trial and it was built to allow access to MSSQL databases including Azure from a mac without the need of a virtual machine. I recommend this be migrated to Software Recommendations.

Let's work together on a canonical answer. Maybe it's just my computer…?

RazorSQL - Query, Edit, Browse, and Manage Databases

Not just your computer. I can't get any of the Java ones to work either. Install sqljdbc4. Whichever driver you pick, make sure you add it to the "Extra Class Path" list for the MSSQL driver , then pick the class name for the driver at the bottom of the same dialog. Squirrel is great except for the inevitable messing around trying to find the right JDBC driver, putting it in the right place, telling Squirrel about it, then trying to set up a JDBC connection with. If you're using it regularly, it's fine.

If you use Squirrel infrequently, and usually on a new machine, it's a hassle. The DB connector driver can be added in a very easy to understand way. Just a wee addendum - the menu is slightly different for the latest version. You can't click help anymore. I had a problem even getting the new server connection dialog to open. Seems to be a software bug. I just wasted time trying the current JAR file version jtds Finally I tried v1.

Best at the basics

On MacOS There's a new current version jtds Just installed this. It's waaaay better than the Sql Server Management Studio which tends to switch databases on me at random. I love DbVisualizer too, I just miss that the Free edition doesn't allow "selection executes" and the Personal edition is too expensive for me because of exchange rates. For example: TEXT fields. Download sqljdbc4.

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  • You will also need to specify the driver class which is com. Bottom line is nothing free is worthwhile, nor were most commercial non windows products However, now March I believe there are two serious contenders and worthwhile versions for the MAC and Linux which have a low cost associated with them. Vijit Coomara. So Python, Ruby, Java, friendship, love and sunny afternoons are worthless? Python, Ruby, and Java are definitely worthless. Love is not free - but is the best thing in the world.