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To open Grab, open your Finder, select "applications" under "places," and expand "utilities. Double-click to open the app from there in the Finder. When using Grab, you won't see an application window on the screen until you've captured something. Instead, you'll just have the Grab icon in your Dock, showing that the app is running, and the Grab menu across the top when the app is in the forefront.

When you're ready to take a screenshot, click the Grab icon to bring it to the forefront. Window — When you select this, Grab prepares a "choose window" button you can use when you have the window ready to capture. Click that button, then immediately click anywhere inside the window you want to capture. Even if the window is partially hidden by other windows, Grab will capture it as if it was the top window. However, any portion of the window that's off-screen probably won't be in the shot. Timed Screen — This lets you stage something on your screen that only appears when you have your mouse in a certain position, such as a drop-down menu or mouse-over text tips.

The timer is about 10 seconds long, and Grab plays a beep with one second remaining.

Quick Screenshot Key Commands in Mac OS X

After you capture a new image, Grab opens that image in a new window rather than saving it to a permanent file. Unlike an image editor, this window, called the Inspector, is only for previewing the image so that you can decide whether or not you want to keep it. Since the Inspector's contents are the same as part of your screen, keep a sharp look out for the edges of the Inspector so your eyes don't mistake them for your main screen.

If you need to redo an image, just close the Inspector with that image in it and click "don't save" when prompted. If you want to keep it, use one of the save options under the "file" menu as you would in other apps. Grab saves files in the TIFF file format only. Preview is the default app for opening images, so you can open Preview just by double-clicking the image you want to convert.

How To Create a Bootable MAC OSX - USB Stick IN WINDOWS !

With the image open in Preview, select "save as" from the "file" menu, and then use the "format" drop-down menu in the save dialog to choose which format you want to convert to. We just looked at two options for capturing images on your Mac screen. Capture more on taking screenshots on a Mac by checking out the links that follow. How to Uninstall on a Mac. Do Mac laptops get hotter than PC laptops? The Mac keyboard has no "print screen" button, but it's still easy to get the screenshots you need.

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Capture the contents of a window or screen in Windows or macOS

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Fix the screenshot feature and get back to capturing images

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