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It then updates email addresses not found on the Yellow Pages site directly from the websites of companies that have one. Web scraping or data mining can also be extended to other areas or sites according to your business needs. Do you want a product customised to your specific business needs, or do you need to find software that is able to extract the right type of information from pap, forums or specialized search sites?

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Contact us! We also provide made-to-measure solutions. Our aim is to provide customers with powerful Tools, with a quality a step above those already on the market. Find them all on the download page. Free trials available for all versions. In a continuous search for improvement, IQUALIF has developed an offer that allows you to increase your productivity and improve your revenue streams.

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Our solution is the ideal entry point for increasing your customer prospect and conversion rates. As a professional, you need the best, at short notice. Update in progress: Our goals as of include: Optimising functionality to facilitate the work of call centres Happy New Year , visit our new international store: New Mac and Windows installer, which includes a fix for the browser mode display. We have some nice surprises in store for you this year.

We will strengthen logistics to ensure quality of service QoS remains consistent. The software will be standardised to increase running speed and simplify user interactions. We will also be providing new features that will benefit a broad range of marketing professionals.

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The extraction of email data is included. This solution allows the extraction of data from popular directories Yell. This version allows you to capture data from the directory telecontact. Reinstall the latest version to get even more contacts through optimised management of events.

British Columbia Telecom. Kapaza Belgian ads.

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This includes a new feature, which allows you to reach your contacts more easily. This includes access to the latest features. Minor correction of display accents. Enabling filters on age and individual houses on versions: Malagasy Annumada. Morocco pj. Patch for Mac installation. This version allows Were you expecting it? Probably not, but we thought we would put it out there anyway! A new version of IQUALIF France White and Yellow is available, the user interface has been redesigned and 4 new search modes are now available to give you more search freedom and provide a clearer presentation of your research.

Launch of new server dedicated to the optimisation of customer exchange. Acquisition of 2 new machines for testing and development. Improved download manager.

Revision of the automatic refresh lists. Reorganisation of the activities of the yellow pages and rank sections. Fixed specific bugs Revision of alphabetical sorting function. The interface has been improved, the list of available streets has been expanded and standardised to provide you with even more contacts.

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We encourage our users to update their versions to capture more contact. Find it in the download area. Searching for contacts in Luxembourg? The duplication functionality has been refined and filtering of professionals is now automatic.

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The interface has been optimised, making it more attractive and practical. Vous pouvez rejoindre le groupe de travail Ubuntu Corporate pour promouvoir l'utilisation d'Ubuntu dans les entreprises. Ubuntu est gratuit: Ni virus, ni trojan, et une correction rapide des failles! Ubuntu est rentable: Ubuntu ne requiert pas de grand changement: Il propose une gestion de l'agenda, de la relation client, des courriels et contacts , des fichiers, des projets, etc.

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Logiciels PDF: Gestion des factures, gestion des stocks, taxes multiples, ex: ERP, facturation, gestion client, stock, caisse et bien plus https: Interface Web ou GTK. Logiciels pour petite entreprise. ART outil de reporting web simple mais puissant cf art. Logiciels de PoS Point of Sales: Interface Web.

Plusieurs livres parus en anglais pour l'installation et la prise en main de la solution. Logiciel Description Ekiga Softphone Ekiga. Consulter la page CMS. Grr http: Virtualisation hyperviseur, para-virtualisation, etc. La visualisation se fait dans un navigateur web. OpenDent Gestion de cabinet dentaire http: Plusieurs outils et greffons plugins sont disponibles en ligne. WebKiosk est full-web et fonctionne sous Ubuntu Il fonctionne sans serveur. Logiciel Description SMI http: GLPI http: Logiciel Description ntpv Logiciel opensource d'origine espagnol disposant d'un liveCD.

ZoneMinder http: Voir la page robotique. Carte du support professionnel Ubuntu. Oxford Archaeology: FON adopte Ubuntu. Section pro du forum Ubuntu-fr. Liste de logiciels libres pour professionnels.