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He shows up for parties, slipping the beer bottle under the mask. He denies it. While most of DedSec works behind a screen, this man thrives out in the action and he seems to have no fear.

However, the man can cause complications, putting DedSec at risk, and this probably will create conflict at some point. All Rights Reserved. Learn More. Special Editions. T-Bone Content Bundle: Get the style and the swagger of legendary hacker T-Bone Grady with his truck and outfit, and discover a new co-op difficulty mode. Human Conditions: Hack your way through several hours of additional mission content in three new World Stories, and uncover San Francisco's biggest scientific scandals.

No Compromise: Experience an all-new World Story which mixes Marcus up in the seedy underbelly of San Francisco - and gets him in the crosshairs of the Russian Mafia. Also includes a new co-op mode. Free Download to Xbox Part 2 is required to play and is available at no additional cost. Play as T-Bone Grady, the legendary and eccentric hacker.

Watch Dogs 2 - Available Now on PS4, Xbox One, PC | Ubisoft (US)

The Watch Dogs Season Pass gives players access to a unique single-player story featuring T-Bone, the brilliant but eccentric hacker, a new Digital Trip game mode, Conspiracy! Download a new Digital Trip game mode, Conspiracy! Hunt down cyborgs in this mind bending alternate game universe. Check out the ultimate Watch Dogs preview and see how to hack the city to make it your weapon.

Learn everything you need to know about the game that defines next gen. Check out the all-new Trailer to get an inside look at the characters of Watch Dogs. Learn more about the most anticipated game of the year. Check out the all new Story Trailer and get a deeper look into what drives Aiden Pearce. Who you know, what you've done, where you've been As Aiden Pearce monitors your digital trail, your secrets won't stay secret long. Pre-order now for exclusive content. Adam D.

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Watch dogs downloadable demo

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