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You can activate the script for your attachment download folder for instance. Every time a new file is downloaded in the folder, the script will run in the background and update the file type for you. Users may also experience some character transposition. So files that legitimately had these outdated file types very very old files might be affected in a negative way.

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Both scripts are here: Use at your own risks!!! No warranty whatsoever as always. You do whatever you want with them under a Creative Commons licence. Well Steve Maser asked me to come up with a version that would work recursively on all files inside a folder you would drag to the script.

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So I based the script on one of the examples provided by Apple , and here is the result:. The compiled script is here and again, please make tests only on a copy of your files. Feedbacks are much welcome. There is a workaround to open these files.

MS recommends that you use the Open dialog from within Office applications. You can batch-wipe out the creator code of your files as well. If you do so, the Finder will then exclusively rely on the extension of the file eg: I wrote a simple AppleScript for that, but I need feeback:. You need to compile it as an application and drag your files on its icon.

You can download the compiled yet editable version here. Thanks to the help of with Steve Maser, we found a solution that should allow to batch process files that refuse to open through a Double-click with the Service Pack 1 for Office The problem appears to be related to the file Type and Creator. Wiping out the file and creator for these files fixes the issue and allows you to open them through a regular double-click again,. There are several utilities that allow you to batch process files to wipe out the file Type and Creator.

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The first one that immediately comes to my mind is File Buddy. It can also run in demo mode for 14 days. Office A second major announcement bout Office from Macworld. It looks like the Service Release 1 for Office is just around the corner. It is to be released today and bring a ton of improvements in all Office applciations. It will be avilable on MacTopia and probably shortly after through auto-update. Pratiquement Mo…. Huge news indeed. It looks like the myriad of users who said that they had to rely on it for their day to day work made a difference.

It should come for the next major version, in , or …. Much faster You can now sync categories, tasks notes, etc, Now be careful. This update is not for everybody.

MS also mentions that the minimal requirement would be SR1 with rollup 4 the latest update as of today is rollup 6. Apparently these updates corrected a lot of WebServices-related issues. On the top right part of your Page click on Options. On the Option page, select About bottom of the left-side panel. The presulting page usually lists the version installed on OWA and the mailbox server.

Figuring out which rollup you have is not always easy. Mine says 8. Exchange 1: SR1 Thanks to Nadyne for pointing this out to me, Tout frais en anglais sur le blog de MacTopia: The Office for Mac team blog also announced that the Solver would be back for Office free of charge in mid-September.

The Office This update fixes the creator type code issue that prevented people from opening their files through a simple double-click is gone.

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The problem was related to downloaded files getting through the application downloading them outdated creator codes. For some undisclosed reason related to security, Office was refusing to open them. You had to use the Open command in Office.

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Well this is history now and so are the scripts I wrote to fix the issue by correcting the creator code of affected files. The update brings along the latest Auto-Updater update. This means that if you install Office today, all you need is the You can skip the auto-update update if you have already downloaded these two.

Not perfect, but better… Office A combo updater so you can go straight from Messenger 7. Not much to say about it. Remote Desktop Connection 2. The new version brings additional bug fixes and also a few improvements over the last beta. Tiens, encore elle? Merci, puissent mes clients vous lire.

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