Mac blush colors for dark skin

Cream blushes are a great way to get high-impact color that still looks natural. If you have cool or pink undertones, wear the fuschia or light berry shades for a natural look and the tangerine hues for a pop of color.

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Those with warm or golden undertones, should wear the warm brown or tangerine shades for a natural look and the pinks and berries for a pop of color. For a natural look, choose a blush with the same undertone as your skin. If you want a bold looking blush, pick one with the opposite undertone as your skin. Share pictures with us on Instagram using janeiredale and BeautyWithBrilliance. Great tips. I have cool undertones and have always thought that I could never wear warm tones. I have just recently been wearing your Whisper blush warm , and I do think it compliments my skin tone.

I love JI powder blushes.

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  5. The muted sparkles makes my skin look flawless day and night. Sheer Honey is my favorite, I have a medium-light complexion with strong yellow undertones. Source: missyfabm on Instagram. For a more sophisticated look, you can opt for muted brown-red blushes that will define your cheekbones elegantly — pair them with a golden highlight for a three dimensional look. For a blush that will gently contrast against your skin, you could even play around with muted purples. This bronzy, frosted blush will give the perfect coppery definition and glow to your tanned cheeks.

    It is duo-toned, so you can amp up the peach, or use the brown outer ring for contour. You can find this powder blush at Nordstrom. This perfect, shimmery bronze has just a hint of red in it to perfectly complement your tan. It gives an intense glow to the skin, with a silky-smooth formula. You can purchase this gorgeous blush at Sephora. Olive skin tones are the hardest to match a blush to, as most colors in the red family work against the green undertones in your skin. Bronze and golden blushes are the easiest choices, as they will give definition and glow without even a hint of a clash.

    10 All-Time Popular MAC Blushes You Should Totally Try

    Muted oranges will give more of a bright flush, like a true blush, while not being too far opposite the undertone of your skin. Muted mauve blushes will do something similar in the other direction, and are perfect for those with a cool olive undertone. Rapture is a deep, muted mauve, with a gorgeous jewel tone finish that looks extremely elegant on olive skin tones. Despite the name, this muted-apricot blush is not too shimmery. Instead, it gives an orangey flush to the skin that is well pigmented and long-lasting.

    This blush is available at Nordstrom. If your skin is darker with either yellow or orange undertones, you will find that a ton of blushes will work really well for you.

    MAC Cremeblend Blush

    Bronzes and coppers will give a golden flush that is phenomenal for summertime, or to pair with colorful makeup. Darker brick reds will give a sophisticated flush to your skin. Light oranges will brighten you up, and will require very little blending. Magentas, reds, and plumes will give your skin the youthful flush brighter pinks give to those with fair skin.

    Play around, and have fun, because you have nearly endless options. The formula itself is buttery smooth and lasts forever on the cheeks. You can purchase this blush through Sephora. For that girlish flush, this airy formula is an incredible choice. The gel-cream formula can be built up, if you want to go a little beyond a natural makeup look. You can pick up this charming blush through Glossier.

    Those with very dark skin occasionally have a blue undertone to their skin.

    The Best Blush Shade for Fair, Medium and Dark Skin

    When your skin leans towards blue, you want to avoid overly warm blushes with a lot of orange, as they will clash oddly against your skin. Instead, purples are your friends here. Lighter purples will give a gentle touch of color, while darker purples will have a bit more presence. If you do want a more summery, bright flush, try a plummy-blush that has a pearlescent finish. This bright violet is exactly the kind of blush that will give your skin with blue undertones a lit-from-within, innocent sheen of pinkness without even a hint of clash.

    You can purchase this blush at Sephora. This incredibly pigmented, cool berry-red is a blush that will seriously pop even on the darkest of skin tones. It has a long-lasting formula, and a wonderfully smooth texture that you will truly cherish applying. Pick up this gem at Nordstrom.

    When it comes to the correct blush application, both your face shape and the makeup tools you use matter a lot. So first make sure to learn how to apply blush according to your face shape, and do it with the best tools, using the correct makeup techniques to achieve that flawless, radiant glow.

    The most flattering blush shape for your face depends on both how prominent your cheeks are and on your overall face shape. Apply your blush a little lower on the cheekbone, and keep it centered and rounded. Apply it starting higher, near the temple, and have it come down in an angle towards the center of the apple of the cheek for the most flattering shape. However, blush can also be applied lower on the cheekbones, on an angle from the temples to the center of the face, which will emphasize the sharp features in a way that is very editorial and striking.

    Oval-shaped faces are usually pretty balanced on their own, so a sweep of blush along going from temples to cheekbones, with a very gentle slope, would just help emphasize natural features. You may experiment with more severe angles, as well as with softer, rounder shapes, depending on what you would like to achieve. We all love our makeup and know how important blush is in our lives. Wearing a blush instantly gives you that fresh and beautiful look. But wearing the right shade is the key. As MAC cosmetics can be quite pricey, choosing the right shade for your skin tone can be a task.

    Keep scrolling to know more! This a beautiful soft coral peach with a matte finish. Designed especially for matte lovers. The shade is best suited for fair-medium skin tones.

    10 All-Time Popular MAC Blushes You Should Totally Try

    The shade is really similar to the ginger color, and it has a bronzy neutral look with a sheer-toned finish. This is the perfect neutral shade to match with dark lips or even nude lips.

    Best Blush For WOC! #blackbeauties

    Suitable for medium-dark skin tone. This is a light plum mauvy shade that is will look good on any occasion. It has a sheer finish so you can build more if required. Best suited for medium skin tone. Warm Soul is beige toned mineralize blush with gold pearl.

    This beautiful blush is probably one of the most famous MAC blushes. This is another shade which you can use daily without giving a second thought.

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    Suitable for medium skin tones. This is from the MAC Mineralize blush range that has a coral pink with golden shimmer running through it. You can also use this a highlighter.

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    5. The shade gives a light golden shimmer , perfect for a date or special occasions. The shade provides a perfectly natural-looking radiance. This MAC blush will flatter fair skin and medium skin tone too.