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Description The ground breaking classic returns to the Mac! Nov 19, Version 1. Size 7. Category Games. Compatibility OS X Family Sharing With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

How can i play sims 2 apartment life/free time on a mac?

Sucks about Sims 4. There doing to it the same thing they did to SimCity. Thanks for letting us know. I am not a big fan of The Sims but heck it is free. I am sure I will mess around with it some.

One of the reasons i stopped gaming with EA but ill still download a free game. You can play Sims 2 without ever booting up Origin- you'll need Origin to install it, but then you can just use your Start Menu to boot up the game for you, bypassing Origin entirely. Is that right? I just played Sims 3 without actually booting up Origin, by launching it straight from Launchpad Mac. I mean, I think it needs to be installed in any case.

The Sims 2: FreeTime Windows, Mac game

I haven't tried bypassing Origin on Windows, so I'll try that later today and hope Sims 2 doesn't crash again. The game takes a VERY long time to load up the first time. Like, it could be 10 or 15 minutes, because it's basically loading up ALL the assets into your memory. Might give it a try when I get home. All those expansion might take awhile to download though. How many expansion did they have for Sims 2? Like 15 or 16?

Grabbed it, and i'll download it soon. I haven't played a Sims since the original Gaming Gaming True gamers aren't limited to console and computer games; they also enjoy playing pool, card games, mahjong, chess, and the fictional "Mushino".

How to Get The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection FREE! - Legal 2017

Practice makes perfect, so the most hardcore players have the greatest chance of winning cash prizes in tournaments against their peers. This expansion pack also adds several real-life EA games as purchasable titles for the characters to enjoy, including the then-unconfirmed Sims 3. Even for those without, enthusiastic sims still have the opportunity to earn fame and fortune in dance competitions.

Nature Nature Outdoor hiking, birdwatching, cloud watching, and bug collecting are all included as fun outdoor activities, but players with access to the Seasons expansion pack will be able to build enthusiasm through many more activities like building snowmen, raking leaves, and tending their gardens. Science Science Stargazing sims will discover that telescopes have been upgraded with options to search for planets, constellations, and other celestial phenomenon, and as their enthusiasm grows, they're more likely to make discoveries that'll earn them grant money from the local astronomical society.

Sports Sports Several new social interactions like "Play Catch" and "Toss Football" are available, along with soccer goals where characters can compete against each other in penalty kicks.

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The basketball hoop from the original Sims also makes a return with the ability for two sims to practice or have a "Horse"-like shooting match. Tinkering Tinkering Virtually every appliance in the game has an added option for sims to "Tinker" with them.

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  5. This typically ends with the item breaking, but that just gives mechanically-inclined characters the opportunity to practice their repair skills and boost their Tinkering enthusiasm even higher. Particularly ambitious sims can even purchase a broken down old wreck of a car and while away their days off restoring it into a fully functional -- and quite valuable -- vehicle. The daily newspaper has sections for hobby enthusiasts of all stripes. As sims become more interested in their hobbies, they'll also gain the ability to chat about them with others, browse the internet for web pages about them, and write their own blogs for fun.

    All of these activities help maintain their enthusiasm level between major projects.

    The Sims 3 Guides

    Lifetime Aspiration Meter The Aspiration system has been an integral part of The Sims 2 since its initial release, with virtually every aspect of the characters' lives revolving around their individual concepts of success. Previous expansion packs introduced the concept of a Lifetime Aspiration: a single lofty goal representing that individual's deepest desire which, if fulfilled, would put the character into a fantastic mood for the remainder of his or her life.

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    6. FreeTime extends that same concept to characters who may not have realized their single greatest desire, but have successfully satisfied many dozens, or even hundreds of smaller ones over the course of their lifetimes. The Lifetime Aspiration Meter is a graduated bar appearing beside each character's Mood and Influence bars which collects Aspiration Points from every individual Want the sim is able to satisfy. If sims are ever fortunate and long-lived enough to fill up the entire bar, they will achieve the same "Platinum Mood" for the remainder of their days.

      Including the Secondary Aspiration, there are a total of sixteen possible perks. Aspiration Perks Rather than being an all-or-nothing proposition, the Lifetime Aspiration Meter grants special benefits for passing ten marked milestones along the way. Each rise in rank gives the character an Aspiration Point which can be spent in one of four different areas.

      Perhaps the most interesting is the ability for sims to gain access to an additional pool of Wants and Fears by selecting a secondary Aspiration to pursue.